Customize information to WooCommerce Shop Page

woocommerce custom information

In this article, we will customize WooCommerce shop and single product page. WooCommerce uses different functions to display products. But, we can override these functions to customize our needs.

For example, if we want to change the “Add to Cart”, we can call a function and return our desired text.

Well, its simple. Isn’t it? Lets dive deeper into this. We can play around removing our “Description”, “Reviews” and “Additional Information” tab using woocommerce_product_tabs filter and unsetting them.

We can also add our custom tabs on product page. For this, we use woocommerce_product_tabs function. In below example, we add Wishlist. We can set the priority to customize the display position.

If you only wish to display the product and hide the “Add to Cart” button, it can be done with the following code:

Similarly, we can also add “Add to Favorite” button above “Add to Cart” button using following function.

Customizing Breadcrumb in Product Page

If you want to learn more about the default actions in WooCommerce, you can play around with the following actions.

You can get the visual guide with the image below.

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