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Capture Webpage Screenshot using PageSpeed Insights API

In this article, we will capture a screenshot of the website using Google PageSpeed Insights API. This is a simple process that will be...

Integrate Google PageSpeed Insights API

Do you know, Google provides a free PageSpeed Insights API to analyze websites? It gives free access to performance monitoring of web pages and...
xdebug xampp

Configure XDebug, Xampp and VSCode in Windows

Xdebug is an extension for PHP to assist with debugging and development. Xdebug makes development easier by allowing the developer to debug his code...
remove empty categories in woocommerce

Get only Categories that Contain Products on Sale

While I was working on a project, I came across a situation where I need to filter all the categories with products on sale....
dependency injection

Understanding Dependency Injection in Laravel

Dependency Injection is a design pattern that injects objects into the constructor or methods of other objects, so that one object depends on one...

Implement Google Style “Did you mean?” Feature in PHP

In this article, we will add our own "Did you mean" feature in PHP. For this, we will implement Smith-Waterman Gotoh Algorithm. We will...
compare strings in php

How to Compare Similarity Between Two Strings in PHP?

Comparing similarities in PHP can be accomplished in different ways. However, there is a question of efficiency about the result. PHP provides some functions...
splat operator

Splat Operator in PHP

The splat operator is used as three dots before variable (...) . It was introduced in PHP 5.6 but used rarely. In a simple...
woocommerce custom information

Customize information to WooCommerce Shop Page

In this article, we will customize WooCommerce shop and single product page. WooCommerce uses different functions to display products. But, we can override these...
is plugin active

Check if WordPress Plugin is Active

If you are developing a Plugin which is dependent on another plugin, in such cases, we need to check if plugin is activated or...

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