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Implement Google Style “Did you mean?” Feature in PHP

In this article, we will add our own "Did you mean" feature in PHP. For this, we will implement Smith-Waterman Gotoh Algorithm. We will...
compare strings in php

How to Compare Similarity Between Two Strings in PHP?

Comparing similarities in PHP can be accomplished in different ways. However, there is a question of efficiency about the result. PHP provides some functions...
splat operator

Splat Operator in PHP

The splat operator is used as three dots before variable (...) . It was introduced in PHP 5.6 but used rarely. In a simple...
woocommerce custom information

Customize information to WooCommerce Shop Page

In this article, we will customize WooCommerce shop and single product page. WooCommerce uses different functions to display products. But, we can override these...
is plugin active

Check if WordPress Plugin is Active

If you are developing a Plugin which is dependent on another plugin, in such cases, we need to check if plugin is activated or...
wordpress template hierarchy

Understanding WordPress Template Hierarchy

WordPress is a simple, yet powerful Content Management System(CMS) build with PHP. A CMS is software that helps users create, manage, and modify content...
Google Reviews

Display Google Reviews on Your Website

You may have seen plenty of websites with Google Reviews on their page. Reviews add social proof and authenticity to your brand. There are...

Import custom fonts in laravel

During the development process, we sometimes need to add our custom fonts. For example, I had to develop a government website that should be...
Download files from storage in Laravel

Download files from storage in Laravel

A filesystem is often an underrated but very important factor in web development. Downloading files from storage in laravel application is even easier with...
Force http to https redirect in Laravel 5

Force http to https redirect in Laravel

HTTPS is a secure version of HTTP. HTTPS helps keep your browsing safe by securely connecting your browser or app with the websites you...