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multiple database connection

Multiple database connections in a single Laravel project

Recently, while working on a project, I came across a situation where I have to work on multiple databases. As I was working on...
search in multiple table

Search in Multiple Model using laravel-searchable

Spatie team recently released a new open source package called laravel-searchable . This package simplifies the search between multiple models. In this article,...
A complete Image validation rules in Laravel

A complete Image validation rules in Laravel

Laravel provides a lot of validation rules which makes our development process faster and easier. In this post, we are going to explain a...
Create custom helper functions in Laravel 5

Create Custom Helper Functions in Laravel

Laravel Helper is a simple PHP global function that you can use to save your time in writing some repetitive codes. Laravel provides more...
laravel helper functions

7 laravel helper functions to make your life easier

Laravel provides a lot of global helper functions which are also used by the framework itself. These helpers functions can be used by us...

How to use Config file in Laravel

All of the configuration files for the Laravel framework are stored in the config directory. There are a lot of configuration files by default...
How to check current URL in Laravel 5

How to check current URL in Laravel 5

When working with the web application, we often need to check if the current URL matches some conditions. To check current URL in blade...
users last login time and ip

Save user last login time and IP address in laravel 5

Laravel has an amazing authentication system. Everything comes out of the box unless you want some changes to the original system. In this article,...
image gallery in laravel demo

Image gallery system with laravel 5

In this post, we will create a image gallery. As we know, image gallery is one of the major elements in web development for...
release history of laravel

Introduction to Laravel and release history

In this article, we will discuss about laravel version history. Laravel is a Open Source PHP framework based on MVC architecture. The creator of...