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How to Easily Change PHP Version in Xampp

While working on web development projects, sometimes we need to change PHP versions. For example, when you are working on a Laravel project and...
import and export mysql command line

Import and Export SQL file into MYSQL using Command Line

In this short article, we will discuss how to import SQL file into MySQL database using command line. MYSQL is open-source relational database management...
splat operator

Splat Operator in PHP

The splat operator is used as three dots before variable (...) . It was introduced in PHP 5.6 but used rarely. In a simple...

How to use Dashicons in WordPress

Dashicons were introduced in WordPress 3.8. These are official icons on WordPress. Dashicons are already included in the WordPress admin. It’s easy to add...
is plugin active

Check if WordPress Plugin is Active

If you are developing a Plugin which is dependent on another plugin, in such cases, we need to check if plugin is activated or...

Check if Table or Column already exists in Database?

While working on web development, we all come on a situation where we need to check if table(s) exists on database. This mainly arise...
fira code on vs code

How to change default Font in VS Code?

If you land on this article, I guess you are using Visual Studio Code and searching a way to change default fonts. VS Code...

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