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Display Google Reviews on Your Website

Google Reviews

You may have seen plenty of websites with Google Reviews on their page. Reviews add social proof and authenticity to your brand. There are various methods to achieve this functionality. This can be implemented using Plain PHP script or using third-party plugins. Since we don’t want to use the third-party plugin, we will do it ourselves. No more talking, now let’s implement the code. We will be implementing this functionality in PHP. We will use Curl to execute an HTTP request.


Get API Key

First of all, we need to get Google Map API for this. To generate an API key, Follow this link

Get CID (cluster_docid ) of Place

You can get CID of place from this link and follow the steps.

After we get those credentials, we can easily retrieve google reviews using PHP Curl.

Now you have all the required variables required to display rating to your website.



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