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How to change default Font in VS Code?

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If you land on this article, I guess you are using Visual Studio Code and searching a way to change default fonts. VS Code uses Consolas, 'Courier New', monospace" fonts by default. If you want to try out new fonts, we can simply do it in few steps.

In this article, we will install Fira Code on our VS Code as a demo. You can install any font you like. Let’s get started.

Download & Install Font

First step is to find your desired font. If you want to install Fira Code font, you can download it from GitHub Repository. After download, extract it and install the font.

Set Fira Code as Default on VS Code

After installing the theme, open your Visual Studio Code.

Go to File > Prefererences > Settings Or Use Keyboard Shortcut ctrl + `

Now, go to Text Editor > Font or directly search for Font on search bar. You will see a list of fonts that are used by default as Consolas, 'Courier New', monospace. Now, you need to add your favorite font at the beginning. Since, I like Fira Code font, I will use this.

This will autosave the setting. If you don’t see your new font, you can restart your editor.

Enable Font Ligatures

Font ligatures is a typography term to describe when two or more characters (or graphemes) are joined as a single glyph. Look at the examples below to see how Ligatures looks in vs code editor.

You can enable Ligatures on VS Code easily.

Search for Font Ligature, and click on the Edit on settings.json below it.

A new window will open, named settings.json. In "editor.fontLigatures": null, Remove null and add “Fira Code“.

That is all. Congratulation, we have successfully added new font named Fira Code on our Visual Studio Code.



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