Introduction to Laravel and release history

release history of laravel

In this article, we will discuss about laravel version history. Laravel is a Open Source PHP framework based on MVC architecture. The creator of laravel is Taylor Otwell. Since it’s first release on 2011, Laravel has come a long way. The main benefits of using frameworks is that it makes the development process faster, easier and scallable due to its unique features.

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks in 2018. Laravel is popular among developer because it provides features such as ORM, Command Line Tool, Routing, Blade Template Engine, Authentication and Socialite.

Laravel 1

Laravel version 1 was released in June 9, 2011. The main features in this version were support for authentication. Moreover, it also supports for localisation, pagination, models, views, sessions and routing. Initially, was not MVC framework because it didn’t support for controllers. But, the syntax was clean. So, developers loved this framework.

Laravel 2

Few months after the release of version 1, Laravel version 2 was released in September. The major features and updates in this version includes Controller which make Laravel fully MVC framework. Similarly, view templating engine called blade, built-in support for the Inversion of Control was added in this version.

Laravel 3

After five months, Laravel version 3 was released in February 2012. Along with this release, Artisan command-line system was added. Built-in support for database management, database migrations, handling events and also packaging system called Bundles was introduced.

Laravel 4

Laravel 4 was released in May 2013. Laravel 4 was one of the major release with complete rewrite of the Laravel framework. In addition to previous features, it supports for message queue, database seeding, soft delete database and built-in support for sending different types of email.

Laravel 5

This version was introduced in February 2015. Elixir for handling assets was introduced in this version. Scheduler and FileSystem was also added. Authentication was made easy by adding Socialite in the core framework.

Laravel 5.1

Laravel 5.1 was immediately released after 5.0 in June 2015 which is a LTS release. There was some changes in directory structure in this version. New caching system for Routes was added. Method injection was also simplified. Moreover, bug fixes and security patches as done in this version.

Laravel 5.2

Laravel 5.2 was released on December, 2015. The main features on this version was facility for Authentication scaffolding. There was new feature added to validate array in this version. Similarly, Server monitoring and Laravel cashier was introduced.

Laravel 5.3

The version Laravel 5.3 was released on following year 2016, August. The main features introduced was Laravel echo, new notification system, laravel scout and passport. In addition, additional out of box improvements was added for common tasks to speed up the development process.

Laravel 5.4

Laravel 5.4 was introduced in January, 2017 with new features like Laravel Dusk for expressive, easy-to-use browser automated testing API. In addition to this, Laravel Mix was introduced to provide a clean, fluent API for defining basic Webpack build steps. New features like blade components and slots, markdown emails, automatic facades, route improvements, high order messaging for collections were added in this version.

Laravel 5.5

The Laravel 5.5 version was introduced in August, 2017. Introduction to PHP 7 was added in this version which increases the performance of laravel application. New features like Route Methods was introduced. Similarly, Automatic Package Discovery was added which helps to register the package automatically.

Laravel 5.6

The Laravel 5.6 was introduced in February, 2018 with new features like new blade directives and API controller generation. The Bootstrap 4 was released before the release of this version. As a result of which, Bootstrap 4 was introduced in Laravel 5.6. Other new features like Argon and Password Hashing support was also added.

Laravel 5.7

In September 2018, Laravel 5.7 was released adding new features such as Laravel Dump Server and Laravel Nova. You can find in more details about the new features of Laravel 5.7 in this link. In addition, URL Generator and Callable Syntax, and Improved error messages was introduced in this version of laravel.


This is all about the introduction and history of laravel versions. As you noticed that new features are added continuously added with release of new version almost twice a year. If you have any question or feedback, please feel free to drop a comment.

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