The Best Angular Js Frameworks For Your Next Web App Development


Front-end applications are predominantly built with AngularJS. Google’s highly skilled team created it, along with the developer community. Because of its open-source nature, and its ability to continually be improved, Angular is a framework with great potential. Developers can easily create amazing applications with the framework because they can find everything they need within it. Among its many useful features, it is perfect for making single-page applications (SPAs). Nowadays, when it comes to developing websites and web apps, the most important thing is capturing the user’s attention. You will only be able to entice users to visit the website if you’ve attractive designs. Thus, web development firms use frontend frameworks like Angular to create quick and easy user interfaces. Using advanced AngularJS features, the developers create a wide range of web solutions from gaming to single-page apps. The best AngularJS framework recommendations are explained below for your next web development project by simplifying the development process.

How can AngularJS help you build better websites?

According to Netflix, Freelancer, PayPal, and LinkedIn, well-known companies use Angular JavaScript for developing various functionalities within their apps, thus showing the significance of Angular:

  • The MVC architecture of Angular makes it easy to use.
  • A web application interface is defined in HTML, which has the qualities of an intuitive and declarative user interface.
  • User interface changes are reflected in two-way data binding.
  • As one of the most secure technology choices for web development, Google supports Angular JavaScript.
  • Code is reusable, and requires very little coding.
  • Creating, testing, maintaining, and reusing code is easier with Plain Old JavaScript Objects (POJO).
  • Websites can behave like native apps with Angular Single Page Applications (SPAs).
  • Real-time unit testing is included.
  • Plugins are used by developers to extend the capabilities of an application.
  • Given the advantages listed above, it’s easy to see why businesses would choose Angular frameworks for all of their web development needs.

Top 9 AngularJS Frameworks for Your Next Web Application Development

You can develop AngularJS with top development tools and inbuilt web components with AngularJS. To build a beautiful and dynamic user interface, here are the top 8 Angular frameworks:


The open-source AngularJS framework allows plot representation in HTML documents. It is simple to customize the HTML components without having to write JS plotting code every time. Furthermore, using Radian’s powerful technologies, it is simple to enable two-way data binding and HTML components.

Radian’s advantages include using the D3.js plotting library for the graphic generation of SVG components, embedding these components directly on the page, and so on. Furthermore, the open license and extensive documentation make it simple to use Radian in modern web application development.


Testing is an important part of any project, and this framework ensures that it is done correctly on AngularJS applications. Protractor is a complete test framework that runs tests against your application in a real browser, interacting with it as if it were a real user.

Protractor simplifies testing by eliminating the need for developers to add waits and sleeps to the test. It does this automatically, ensuring that it is always in sync with the webpage. It also allows them to test Angular-specific elements without requiring any setup.

UI grid

This framework has altered our perception of web app development involving large databases. It contains no other dependencies other than Angular JS and has a wealth of features such as e2e testing, visualization, user interactions, filtering, grouping, sorting, and many more. 

It also allows for native Angular.js implementation without the use of jQuery. Its plugin architecture enables you to reduce your web app’s technical debt by utilizing only the features that are required. You can also edit the CSS file and use the pre-configured customizer to change the overall feel and look of your website.


In order to create complex web applications, PrimeNG is a top AngularJS framework.

It includes a library of over 70 UI components, such as pre-built widgets and native themes. PrimeNG also provides menus, overlays, form inputs, charts, and other popular front-end components. The MIT license applies to all open-source widgets and free components. If you’re looking for an AngularJS framework to help integrate various UI components in a large application, PrimeNG is an excellent choice.

Quantum UI

With Quantum UI, you can build your application on top of AngularJs and bootstrap-based CSS. Additionally, there are too many Angular services and it follows the proper structure. User-friendly and server-friendly, these UI components are easy to use.

Angular material

Angular apps can be developed with less effort and more flexibility thanks to their responsive directives, flex grid layout, and several themes. Different UI components are available in its library for building web apps. There are many types of cards, data tables, inputs, datepickers, and other components that developers can reuse. In addition to accessibility-specific components, its CSS library includes typography and a large database of fonts. 

Additionally, different themes are available, in addition to flex grid layouts and responsive directives. Google material design specifications can be applied to all available components with default styling. A variety of web components can also be customized to look and feel differently.

Angular UI tree

A UI component without any dependency on jQuery is Angular UI Tree. It becomes easy to change different tree items and allows quick changes with its drag-and-drop functionality. The developers need to support Angular UI Tree with other AngularJS frameworks to create a dedicated front end of any web application.

A tree can also be modified by dragging and dropping items. Data binding is done by native AngularJS scope, and child nodes cannot be added to elements. To build a complete front end for your web application, you will need to use other Angular UI components in addition to Angular UI Tree.

Onsen UI

Using OnsenUI, you can design hybrid mobile apps for free. A number of UI component modules are included in addition to AngularJS. Web applications can be created using this lightweight framework. Even if you do not know how to code HTML or CSS, OnsenUI has a wide range of themes that can make your application look beautiful. Your app can be easily translated into multiple languages with its built-in internationalization and localization capabilities.


Dynamic web app development necessitates the use of appropriate frameworks and creative developers. It is essential to work with a leading and best angular development company that is well-versed in these frameworks. However, simply understanding these AngularJS frameworks is not enough. You also require skilled personnel who can translate business objectives into practical and functional realities. As you may have noticed, each framework includes a variety of components and elements. You must first deconstruct the requirements of your web application, and then choose the appropriate technology stack and Angular UI components as needed. While we’re on the subject of frameworks, these Angular UI frameworks are our top picks. As a result, select one or more based on your project and business requirements. 


With its highly scalable architecture, many web development teams choose Angular to create efficient, sophisticated single-page applications. But, hiring Angular developers is easier said than done. While there are many candidates out there, the key to a seamless development experience is finding a great Angular developer, one who applies best practices and advanced techniques to meet high-quality coding standards. You can find a great article about it at How to Hire Angular Developers: Key Skills and Knowledge to Look For.

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