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Why is Vue so popular?

why is vue so popular

Vue is a progressive framework for building user interfaces. Vue is basically a frontend framework focused on View layer of MVC design pattern. Integration into projects that use other JavaScript libraries is made easy with Vue because it is designed to be incrementally adoptable. Vue has been consistently on the rise over the past year. It was first released in February 2014 by ex-Google employee Evan You. Before you dive into Vue, you need to learn basics of Javascript so that you don’t have messed up. You can read this article about learning javascript for beginners, different loops in javascript and scope of variables in javascript.

Below, you will see a comparison in popularity between React, Angular, and Vue.

Note: You can find the detailed comparison between React, Angular and Vue in this artile in medium

Why is Vue popular?

Although Vue is very young, it has gained enough attention along with its community. Its popularity is increasing day by day. Till this date, it has got 89K+ stars in about 4 years. So, why is this framework so popular? What are the reasons developers are most interested in this? Below are some of the reasons why Vue is popular.

Small learning curve

One of the things you need to look when learning a new framework is it’s learning curve. Vue is pretty easy to learn. If you haven’t even used other javascript framework, you can pick up this framework and start coding within very little time. We have seen many people that it’s very frustrating to learn new technology. Same happens with Angular and React (according to research). But with Vue, people can quickly pick up the tool and focus on the business login rather than syntax. You can read a nice article by Hemant Rai in this post in medium.

Well documentation

Understanding new framework or tools, first thing you go through is its documenation. A well documentated framework helps to understand a lot with ease whether you are a junior or senior developer. Vue documenation is very well maintained. It includes a simple but comprehensive guide and well-documented APIs.

More flexible

Vue is actually a progressive framework. While working on the projects, the flexibility matters a lot. And Vue provides it. It’s flexible, enjoyable to use, while remaining very potent. It lets you do things easily, at less cost with very little drawbacks. Vue provides many libraries which are updated along with it’s core component.

Fast perfomance

The popularity of javascript framework is greatly affected by its perfomance in the system. To be honest, Vue is super fast. This is one of the reasons, it is getting so much popularity in lowest period of time. Due to lighter-weight virtual DOM implementation, application built with Vue have the highest performance in comparison to other frontend frameworks.

6-Two-Way data binding

Vue follows Model–View–ViewModel (MVVM) architecture pattern. So, there is two way data binding in Vue. In simple terms, it keeps your data in sync with your DOM without you having to do anything. With Vue, you can bind a JS variable to the DOM and also bind from the DOM back to JS.


Now, if we type anything into our input, our JS variable is updated with the change, which in turn updates our span. Super nice.

Very small file size

The success of javascript framework also depends on it’s size. Size of Vue is small but contains a lot. It’s size is about 22 KB as GZipped and minified which is pretty low than most of the framework where angular has 143 KB and React has 43 KB. You can view comparison between the sizes of javascript framework in this github link (https://gist.github.com/Restuta/cda69e50a853aa64912d).

Vue Tools

Despite having large libraries, Vue offers a great development tool i.e. Vue-CLI. It’s a Vue command line tool. It provides different templates, allows project customization and makes starting a new Vue project easy. Another tools Vue provide is Vue Devtools which allows you to inspect the component tree and Vuex state, view events and even time travel. This makes the debugging process pretty easy.

Besides these features, Vue has other advantages over other frameworks. You can seamlessly choose Vue if you really like clean code, if you want separation of concerns in one file, If you are working alone or have a small team and If you are working alone or have a small team

Some of the top website that uses Vue are Xiaomi, Alibaba (on some of its landing pages), WizzAir, EuroNews, Grammarly, Gitlab and Laracasts are some of the popular names you have heard that uses Vue.



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